Illuminated stretch fabric ceiling panels

Announcing Spanlite's backlit stretch fabric ceiling solution. Clean and even illumination across the whole panel, provided by an LED array or light-sheet panels.

Spanlite produce stretch fabric ceiling panels that can be fitted either flush to the ceiling, or as a floating ceiling raft. We can provide acoustic and printed fabric solutions, as well as white and other single colour diffusion fabrics. And crucially we offer the full solution – design, manufacture and install – including creative studio services for image work if necessary.

The illuminated ceiling feature can be made up of multiple panels to cover large areas, and shapes don't necessarily need to be regular. The image to the right shows an illuminated ceiling solution using a backlit array of LEDs to illuminate the fabric. The LED array panels don't need to be square, so can illuminate odd shapes and be designed to fit around corners.

stretch fabric ceiling panels
backlit stretch fabric ceiling panels

Backlit floating stretch fabric ceiling in private gym

backlit stretch fabric ceiling panels
stretch fabric ceiling panels

With a typical lighting void of 90mm - 300mm a backlit LED array can be used to evenly illuminate the fabric. If there is insufficient depth available, such as a cramped or non-existent ceiling void, there are edge-lit options that can be fitted flush with the ceiling surface. One of these is fire-rated, incorporating a laminated glass ‘seen surface’, and the other has a PVC vinyl or printable backlit media surface. See diagrams above, also on the product page.

Lighting for ceiling panels can be controlled with ‘intelligent’ auto-dimming features, colour-change capabilities and more. Using different colour-temperature white LEDs, it’s possible for bright, cool daytime illumination to fade to warmer, softer light in the evening.

Come and have a look on our partner Stretch Ceilings' stand LS428 at the Surface Design Show in London, where we are showcasing a panel that's only 23mm thick!



stretch fabric backlit ceiling panel

Flush-fitted stretch fabric ceiling