Stratum Stone

The backlit marble and onyx solution

For some projects, only the real thing will do. When you need a backlit marble feature panel, or a bar-front, or an illuminated onyx wall using real onyx, then Stratum Stone is the perfect solution. It consists of a highly polished stone panel laminated to low-iron glass. The epoxy interlayer that bonds the glass to the stone can also include a colour filter, to 'recolour' the illuminated stone to a specific tone. Positioned behind this the stone/glass panel is an LED light sheet or a backlit array of individual LEDs. Both lighting options provide clean and even illumination over large areas.

Stratum stone also comes in a double-sided version, with the marble or onyx panel laminated to low-iron glass on both sides. This can be viewed from both sides and is especially suited to areas that are naturally quite bright. And there is also a toughened glass version, ideal for use on flat surfaces such as bar-tops and kitchen work-tops.

Our library of stone panels is always being updated so contact us to find out about the very latest panels available.

Scroll down to see our backlit stone image library.

Illuminated onyx bar-top using Stratum Stone at DaDong restaurant, New York

Backlit marble bar top DaDong

Stratum Stone image library – genuine marble and onyx

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