Stretch Fabric

Stretch-fabric ceiling lighting

We can provide and install a stretch-fabric material to cover wall and ceiling spaces. It is a high performance, flexible textile that can be fitted across ceilings, walls and other facades. The material is fully printable and provides a high degree of soundproofing. It is also practically impermeable to water. 

Existing lighting features can easily be incorporated into the stretch membrane surface, as can sprinklers, detectors, cameras, signage and any other necessary devices.

Stretch-fabric ceiling solutions can be built directly into the ceiling structure during construction or renovation. They can also be fitted as a suspended ‘raft’ below the existing ceiling. 

Illumination is typically from a backlit array of LEDs situated behind the stretch fabric producing smooth, even distribution of light across the whole area. Lighting can be programmable, full colour and/or dynamic white with cool white light for daytime use moving to warmer lighting after dusk – with motion sensors and auto-dimming as required. 

stretch-fabric ceiling lighting
stretch-fabric boardroom ceiling lighting

Printed stretch fabric with high light transmission – built in

Stretch-Fabric diffuse ceiling lighting

Diffuse lighting stretch fabric – floating raft

Custom imagery

For printed backlit options you can source or provide your own image, or ask Spanlite to assist with image sourcing and large-format image creation. Spanlite’s large-format image library is also avaliable online.

To incorporate the backlit LED array behind the stretch-fabric membrane, the ideal space required is between 90mm and 300mm.

If there is insufficient depth available, such as a cramped or non-existent ceiling void, there are low-profile options that feature edge-lighting technology that can be fitted flush with the ceiling surface.

Stretch-Fabric ceiling

Stretch-Fabric ceiling

Stretch-Fabric ceiling modular

Backlit printed

Stretch-Fabric reflective ceiling

Reflective stretch fabric - built in

Stretch-fabric diffuse ceiling lighting

Diffuse lighting printed fabric


Built-in version

Stretch-Fabric ceiling built in version
Stretch-Fabric ceiling built in version

Raft version

Stretch-Fabric ceiling built in version

Raft profile specifications / options

Weight 3.15kg per linear metre
Length Max 6050mm in single piece
Finish natural anodised as standard, option to powder-coat any colour
Fixings typically suspended by Gripple steel suspension cables or Unistrut sub-frame


LED tape pitch varies depending on depth of lighting void and luminous flux required.

Typical LED 4.5W / linear metre, detail as below.

Custom LED 8W / linear metre

Single colour temperature, dynamic white or RGBW colour-change lighting

Single colour white LED lighting

Stretch fabric specifications / options

PVC Stretch fabric

PVC options Printable / Translucent / Reflective
Max width 5m
Max length Unlimited* (subject to typical maximum 50sqm in one piece)
Weight PVC 180-200micron thick - weight 180g/m2
Transmission 70% light transmission (translucent)


Fire rating: UK - class 0 / USA - class 1 type A / Europe - EN13501-1 B S1 d0
Smoke - no smoke in contact with open flame
Impermeable to water unless perforated
Sprinklers, smoke/heat/CO detectors can easily be incorporated
PVC cadmium free


100% recyclable
Low material content - PVC film only 180g/m2
Provides thermal attenuation


LED CCT range 2200 - 6500K plus RGBW
Typical power 70W/m2
Lighting void depth 50-300mm (impacts price and luminosity)

Drivers & Control

Remotely located 10m max
Dimmable - 0-10, DALI, triac, DMX
24V DC typical


5 years
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