Stratum Image Glass

High-resolution images sealed in toughened glass – the alternative to expensive natural finishes, designed to be backlit. 

We specialise in producing large format, high-resolution image glass depicting of exotic marbles and onyxes, that simulates the natural products when encapsulated in toughened glass. The effect is as luxurious as the real thing, with numerous added benefits. Our image libraries include 11 collections from Michael Banks' range of contemporary photographic images, click here to discover more.

• Stratum Image Glass is significantly less expensive than natural marble or onyx

• We can retouch and colour-correct the image to the desired effect, or flip the image to recreate the effects of book-matched stone.

• Many natural finishes cannot be used at any great size due to delicacy – no issue here.

• No depletion of natural resources.

• Suitable for internal or external applications. 


backlit onyx desk

One of Michael Banks' large-format images, available via this website

Michael Banks images

Any image can be used, including photography from other online image libraries

Michael Banks images


Stratum Image Glass diagram

Technical data


Laminated glass encapsulating
high-resolution image

Glass type

6mm low-iron (4mm for smaller applications)


Toughened and laminated 

Edge treatment

Polished all edges


Bridgestone EVASAFE interlayers


Typical 6 + 1.5 + 6 = 13.5mm



Typically 33kg/sq.m


2,500kg/cubic m


High-resolution image transferred to optically clear PET film


Max 6000 x 1570mm

Typical uses

Feature walls and displays in hotels, spas, gyms, bars, office receptions, and high-end residential applications such as bathroom and kitchen panels.


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