Illuminated Ceilings

Spanlite offers a range of illuminated ceilings solutions including backlit stretch fabric, producing smooth, even light distribution across the whole panel. 

Panels can be fitted flush to the ceiling level as in the office foyer pictured to the right, or as a floating ceiling raft as in the private gym image below. Other options include a laminated glass ‘seen surface’ that is fire-rated, and a large-format stretch-fabric solution that can incorporate acoustic dampening capabilities. These are also known as illuminated stretch ceiling, backlit stretch fabric or backlit stretch ceiling solutions.

With a typical lighting void of 90 - 300mm a backlit LED array can be used to evenly illuminate the fabric. If there is insufficient depth available, such as a cramped or non-existent ceiling void, there are low-profile options that feature edge-lighting technology that fits flush with the ceiling surface. One of these is fire-rated, incorporating a laminated glass ‘seen surface’, and the other has a PVC vinyl or printable backlit media surface. The fabric stays taut over long distances. See diagrams below.

Lighting for ceiling panels can be controlled with ‘intelligent’ auto-dimming features, colour-change and dynamic white capabilities and more. Using different colour-temperature white LEDs, it’s possible for bright, cool illumination during the day to gradually change to warmer, softer light as the evening progresses.

Spanlite offer the full service package from lighting calculations and site survey to full install and commissioning.

stretch fabric backlit ceiling panel

Typical stretch fabric solution

Stretch Fabric ceiling built in version

LED light-sheet solution if minimal void available

illuminated ceiling

Fire-rated illuminated ceiling panels

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