Feature Wall

An evenly lit, large format feature wall is now possible without the need for excessive depth, by using Spanlite’s superior edge-lighting technology. 

Spanlite’s solution simplifies the integration of an illuminated feature wall into existing or new-build architecture. Simply specify the glass, choose your trim finish and let us do the rest.

• Back-light any translucent substrate - eg: onyx, marble, image-glass, polycarbonate, Decoran etc.
• Ours is the leading technology for even illumination across large distances.
• Individual panel size up to 3m high.
• Lighting can be dimmable and fully programmable – DMX / DALI / 1-10V.
• Edge-lit panels illuminate evenly across the whole surface - eradicates the ‘striping’ effect from fluorescent tubes.
• Built in the UK using top-brand components leading to reliable, long-life LED lighting.


Backlit white onyx feature wall and reception desk at
199 Bishopsgate, London >


Back-lit feature wall

Panel specifications / options

Wall size Max: Any width by 3m high
Typical: Any width by 2.4m high
Panel size Max: 2m x 3m
Typical: 1.2m x 2.4m
Glass Typically Stratum Image Glass: 13.5mm low-iron, toughened laminate containing image
Cover trim Finish to client spec, eg: brushed stainless steel, powder-coated aluminium etc.
LEDs Cree / Osram
LED Driver Standard, dimmable, DMX, Dali, 1-10V
Lighting White / dynamic white / RGB / RGBA / colour-change
Wattage 50W/linear metre max
IP Rating For indoor use, IP65 optional
Lifetime 50,000+ hours

Feature wall at Freshfields' basement gym, London


Feature Wall at Blackpool's Victoria Hospital



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