Feature Panel

Spanlite’s backlit Feature Panels incorporate our superior edge-lighting technology, providing clean and even light across the whole panel. It illuminates the Stratum Image Glass panel in front – a toughened glass laminate containing very high resolution images from our image library of onyx and marble finishes; or any image of your choice. Simply specify the glass, choose your trim finish and let us do the rest.

With custom sizes to suit your application, and a depth of only 45mm, Spanlite’s Feature Panels are simple to incorporate into your design and offer a straightforward solution for large-format illuminated displays.

• All-in-one backlit image solution - back-light any translucent substrate - eg: onyx, marble, image-glass, polycarbonate, Decoran etc.
• Ours is the leading technology for even illumination across large distances.
• Only requires 45mm depth
• Easy install
• Edge-lit panels illuminate evenly across the whole surface - no ‘striping’ effect from fluorescent tubes.
• Energy efficient
• Built in the UK using top-brand components leading to reliable, long-life LED lighting.

Feature panel containing white onyx Stratum Image Glass >




Backlit feature panel

Panel specifications / options

Panel size Max 2m x 3m / Typical 1.2m x 2.4m
Glass Stratum Image Glass more info
Glazing trim Anodised aluminium or white powder-coat
Lighting 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, 5700K, RGBW
LED Driver Standard, dimmable, DMX, Dali, 1-10V
Voltage 24DC standard
Wattage 27W/m standard
IP Rating For indoor use, IP65 optional
Lifetime 50,000+ hours
Warranty 2 year / 5 year optional

Stratum Image Glass technical data

Description Laminated glass encapsulating high-resolution image
Glass type 6mm low-iron
Strengthening Toughened and laminated
Edges Polished all round
Lamination PVB interlayers
Thickness Typical 6 + 1.5 + 6 = 13.5mm
Weight Typically 33Kg / square metre
Density 2,500Kg / cubic metre
Image High-resolution diffused substrate / digital print
Size Max 6000 x 1800mm
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