Backlit Array

A backlit array of evenly-spaced LEDs mounted onto rigid, reflective, lightweight panels, providing bright, even and efficient illumination.

• Bright, lightweight and very efficient illumination

• Emergency lighting compatible

• Dynamic white and RGBW colour-change options

 Not restricted to regular shapes

Perfect for stretch-fabric ceiling panels

• Suitable for very large panels

An LED backlit array consists of strips of LED, evenly spaced and mounted onto rigid reflective panels such as 3mm white aluminium composite or 2mm white aluminium sheet. These panels are then positioned behind whichever material is being backlit, including stretch ceiling panels.

In the image below, Spanlite's backlit array panels illuminate 'bamboo glass' at Freshfield's basement gym, London.

LED backlit array
LED backlit array illuminates glass


Each LED is very bright, so a backlit array can typically produce a greater overall brightness than an LED lightsheet – and is also slightly more efficient – although greater depth is required behind the ‘seen surface’ in order to deliver a uniform light distribution. For applications with between 100-250mm available, an LED backlit array should be specified.

An LED backlit array panel is lighter than a corresponding-sized LED lightsheet, and has fewer restrictions on shape and size. This makes them suitable for applications such as large format stretch-fabric ceilings, where weight needs to be considered. And for panel requirements over 3050 x 2030mm, or for odd-shapes, a back-lit array may be preferable.

LED backlit array diagram

Panel specifications / options

LED type


Colour temp

2700K, 3000K, 4000K, 5700K, RGBW*


85 typ

LED driver

1-10, DALI, EM maintained


3000mm standard


5mm typical

Maximum size

3000 x 1500mm single panel





4.8W typ (8W/m option)


140 lm/watt (3000K)


for indoor use


50,000+ hours


2 year/ 5 year optional


*others available on request


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