LED lighting solutions including Light Sheet, edge-lit glass, backlit stone and more

Spanlite's range of LED lighting solutions include products such as Spanlite-Sheet, the most effective technology available to edge-light over long distances Only Spanlite-Sheet can evenly illuminate a 2.7m span, if not more. Perfect for floor-to-ceiling feature walls of backlit onyx.

Our light sheet products come in numerous forms, and are suitable for applications requiring thin, energy-efficient edge-lit solutions. Built in the UK using top-brand components, these are quality light sheet products that are fit for purpose.


Lightfield Panel ceiling lighting

Lightfield Panel

The ultra-thin LED light panel. Designed for instore illumination, backlighting, POS, signage, advertising and retrofit applications.


The ultra-thin LED light sheet solution at various sizes up to 3 x 2m, with completely even illumination across the whole panel.

Stratum Image Glass

High-resolution images sealed in toughened glass – the alternative to expensive natural finishes, designed to be backlit.   

Stratum stone

Stratum Stone

Slabs of exotic marble and onyx, polished and laminated to low-iron, toughened glass, ready for backlit display.

Edge-lit Glass

Colour-changing edge-lit glass creating dynamic walls of light. Designed for partitions, doors, windows and artistic features.

Feature Wall

The complete feature wall solution. Proven technology to evenly illuminate any translucent substrate at any size. Realise your creative vision.

Reception/bar front

Patented edge-lighting technology and image solutions to integrate with your design. Ideal for bar fronts, reception desks and splashbacks.

Stretch Fabric backlit

Stretch fabric

Stretch-fabric ceilings, backlit with energy-efficient LEDs. Transform your ceilings. Ideal for hospitality, office and high-end domestic applications. 

Illuminated Ceilings

Illuminated Ceilings

Back-lit stretch-fabric or glass with clean, even illumination from an LED array or LED light-sheet. Bring your ceiling to life.

Backlit Array

Evenly-spaced LEDs mounted onto rigid, reflective, lightweight panels, providing bright, even and efficient illumination.

Feature Panel

Combining beautiful glass imagery with patented edge-lighting technology, providing a simple, sleek solution to large format illuminated features.

Graphic Panel

The super-slim backlit graphic solution, with LED edge-lighting technology and replaceable image panel. Suitable for advertising, art display and more.


The super-slim framed edge-lit panel, designed primarily for retail display, advertising and architectural feature illumination.


The high-strength edge-lit signage panel, designed for permanent displays both indoor and outdoor, with changeable day/night graphics.

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