LED light sheet solutions – the Spanlite-Frame

Spanlite are proud to announce the development of a new light sheet product – the Spanlite-Frame.

This super-slim custom-framed panel contains Spanlite’s superior edge-lighting technology, and can be used to back-illuminate just about anything. Incredibly, it’s less than 18mm thick, provides even illumination across the whole panel, and is available in sizes up to 3m x 2m – larger than ANY other LED light sheet panel product currently on the market. Not only that, it’s less expensive than its rivals. We truly believe that this is the best product of its type anywhere.

LS_Edge_5_mockup_400pixBut there’s more. As a standalone unit the Spanlite-Frame can include its own graphics panel, either within the frame or posit

ioned on top – see the data sheet for more details. It’s thin enough to be used to retro-fit old light boxes, and because it evenly illuminated using LED light you get no ugly ‘striping’ effects from fluorescent tubes, and no bleached-out images. You can count on it’s reliability too; built to last in the UK using top-brand components.

Click here for the product page and here for the data-sheet.


To order simply download the data-sheet which has full order code details on the reverse, or for any questions simply call Spanlite on  +44 (0)20 8979 8899.