White Onyx Stratum Glass

Spanlite has an extensive library of super-high-resolution white onyx imagery. These images are of genuine slabs of white onyx, back-lit with Spanlite's LED lightsheet to create a dramatic, luxurious and refined effect (similar to ViviStone).

Our images are of such high resolution that they can be printed at up to 3m in length and still look sharp. They can be transformed into back-lit feature-wall panels, and are far superior to anything you might find from traditional online image libraries. 

There are many benefits to using images of onyx instead of real onyx, but the ability to modify the image to suit your precise design requirements is perhaps the most useful. Below are a number of examples to show how we can help you can attain the precise look that you want for your project.

Example white onyx slab – original image

We have many different slab images like this - each can be made into a 3m wide back-lit panel.

Close-up section


Natural effect

Earthy tints can be applied to produce a variety of natural white onyx finishes. These can be as subtle or as pronounced as you desire.

Shades of grey

Various intensities of neutral greys provide further options. Colour on these will only be affected by the colour temperature of the back-lighting.

Hints of colour

Subtle hints of colour to only the darker areas of the image can be produced to your precise requirements – to complement or match neighbouring architecture or furniture.

Soft colour wash

Pick a colour, any colour. Provide us with a Pantone reference, a piece of wallpaper, an image or any colour reference you choose and we'll match it. 

Dramatic colourisation

These have been created by inverting the original image and re-colouring; to produce dramatic, high-contrast  effects. 


We can augment the base onyx image with text, other images, corporate branding or anything else. Onyx images can also be book-matched like real stone slabs. Spanlite's studio is here to assist with any aspects of your creative process.

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