Onyx and marble image library

Recreate the effect of illuminated onyx and marble for your backlit stone project - simply select which image you want to use and contact Spanlite to see how we can help realise your creative vision!

We have created this unique library of images by taking multiple photographs of genuine slabs of exotic stone, then retouching the images together to create super-resolution large-forms images. These can be printed up to three metres in length and sealed in a toughened glass laminate, ready to be backlit. When backlit with our LED light sheet or backlit array, the effect is truly stunning.

Colour control

We can alter the colour, hue and tone of these images to blend them with your existing architecture. If you don't see exactly the stone you want then simply get in touch and we can discuss the best way to achieve your desired effect. Images can be flipped to create a 'book-matched' look, and scaled in size to fit practically every shape.

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illuminated onyx
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