Stratum Image Glass

The genuine solution for large-format backlit art

'Stratum Image Glass' is a toughened glass laminate containing an image, suitable for backlighting with Spanlite-Sheet, our LED light-sheet product. The image can be of anything – a photo, original artwork, backlit onyx, a frit pattern, text, or a mixture. We specialise in producing large format, high-resolution images of exotic marbles and onyxes, that simulate the natural products when encapsulated in toughened glass.

We are also proud to showcase Michael Banks' and Eiko Jones' unique work in our image libraries – their images are designed for large-format reproduction, with sufficient high quality and inherent resolution to ensure they still look the part when enlarged to even the biggest design requirements. When a Stratum Image Glass feature is back-lit with LED light-sheet, the effect is stunning.

Optimised imagery

Spanlite's super-resolution images of onyx and marble are not available from traditional online image libraries. The quality means you can have a wall of glass that looks just like backlit onyx – even when you're right next to it, and by using images instead of the natural finish itself, we can guarantee visual consistency across the whole project. Our studio service also provides full creative support – to retouch, colour-correct and optimise imagery to meet your design intent. And if you need any ideas or some new artwork made from scratch, we're here to assist.

Alternative to ViviStone

Similar to ViviStone, Stratum Image Glass can be double-sided, or single-sided and backlit


Onyx and marble images

Michael Banks images

White onyx variations

Eiko Jones large format photography

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