Backlit Glaskeramik at EcoBuild

Spanlite are proud to announce a partnership with Magna Glaskeramik, providing lighting and engineering expertise for backlit glass projects.

Glaskeramik is a unique, durable and environmentally sustainable product. Magna Glaskeramik's production process uses crushed and scrap flat glass (waste glass), which is transformed into glass granulates. The granulates are then mixed and coloured before being shaped into panels. Under controlled conditions the panels are cooled, polished and cut to the required size. Backlit Glaskeramik produces a particularly alluring effect, with no two panels being the same.

Backlit Glaskeramik

Spanlite's back-lighting options include a backlit LED array or LED light-sheet solution, each producing clean and even illumination over large surfaces. Lighting can be controlled using auto-dimming, colour-change and dynamic white capabilities. Different colour-temperature white LEDs can change from bright cool light during the day to warmer, softer light as the evening progresses.

We are currently exhibiting on stand D73 at Ecobuild at the ExCel, London from 6th - 8th March, where we are showcasing this beautiful backlit glass solution. Visit us there or contact us for more details now!

backlit glass glaskeramik
backlit glass glaskeramik
backlit glaskeramik glass