Backlit Bars & Reception Desks


Backlit Bars & Reception Desks

Our illuminated counter solutions create striking centrepieces that offer sensational first impressions. 

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Our extensive range of surface and lighting options offers a variety of design choices to ensure this key feature fits perfectly within your overall scheme.

Our elegant backlit system can be easily integrated into existing carcasses or incorporated into new designs.

Unit tops, frontage and returns can all be illuminated and can be finished off with our range of trims and kickplates.

Units are backlit using our Spanlite LED Light Sheet, which offers even illumination and requires very little depth.

Most commonly, bars and desks are faced with our Stratum Image Glass, where a digital image is encased in safety glass or our Stratum Stone, polished stone which is laminated to glass to ensure durability.

Other options are available if your design requires an alternative translucent surface.


A simple system, that's straightforward to install by contractors, or hire our installation team to assist with your build.

British made, high-quality parts means components are safe, reliable & long-lasting and will stand up to high traffic areas.

Our Stratum Image Glass option means you can chose any high resolution image to encapsulate in glass - opening up a world of design options.

Our Stratum Stone option allows you to chose from a range of available real stone slabs, laminated in glass for durability.

Lighting options include white, tuneable white and RGBW adding yet another dimension to your design.

Tie in your counter design with matching back bars & wall panels or shelving units.


arr-diag-wCreated with Sketch. Illuminated Wall Panels at Dundas St, Toronto

Illuminated wall panels showcase large format photography by Michael Banks in the lobby of this swanky residential building in Toronto.

Michael's photography has been produced on high quality film, encapsulated in our Stratum Image Glass , and backlit with Spanlite's LED Light Sheet.

A bespoke frame was designed and produced, allowing for easy installation and maintenance.

See Spanlite's collection of artwork by Michael Banks.


arr-diag-wCreated with Sketch. LED Display Lightbox at Stone Road Mall

LED Display Lightboxes have been installed throughout the food hall at Guelp's Stone Road Mall.

These panels take moments to install and offer bright even illumination.

Their changeable graphic panel is easy to swap out and replace, so graphics and advertising can be updated as often as you like.


arr-diag-wCreated with Sketch. Ceiling Light Boxes at Marks & Spencer, UK

The expansive ceilings over M&S's refurbished food halls and retail spaces feature Spanlite's Lightfield panels.

These robust, acrylic-faced lightboxes flood the space with stylish, functional lighting.

These large-format, suspended ceiling lights offer homogenous lighting that meets CRI requirements and a range of options for coupling and cable disguise.


arr-diag-wCreated with Sketch. Backlit Acrylic Panels at Arc Cinemas

Backlit acrylic panels punctuate the communal areas at Arc Cinemas, adding a vibrant feature to the cinemas' corridors.

Spanlite's LED Light Sheet backlights bespoke acrylic panels in a custom-made grid.

Designed, manufactured and installed by Spanlite's team.


arr-diag-wCreated with Sketch. LED Light Sheet Illuminates National Australia Bank’s UK HQ

LED Light Sheet panels provide a bold architectural statement, welcoming visitors to National Australia Bank's London city offices.

Spanlite's team worked closely with the client to help define and detail each element of this dynamic, multi-faceted design.

A specially-constructed, powder-coated metal frame secures both a glass feature wall and a Stretch Fabric Raft Panel ceiling, joining the two façades together in a unifying enclosure.

Finely tuned backlighting ensures that the colour temperature and hue of each material is perfectly matched.


arr-diag-wCreated with Sketch. LED Edge Lit Glass Louvres at Cannon Bridge House

LED Edge Lit Glass louvres provide a vibrant feature wall hosted within an expansive railway arch at Cannon Bridge House in central London.

Spanlite created a dramatic glass wall made from 64 glass louvre blades, each with colour-changing ability and set within a purpose-designed profile.

Matching illuminated louvres adorn the building's external facade.