Stratum Image Glass

The genuine alternative to expensive natural finishes

'Stratum Image Glass' is a toughened glass laminate containing an image, suitable for backlighting with Spanlite-Sheet, our LED light-sheet product. The image can be of backlit onyx for example, or anything else – a photo, original artwork, a frit pattern, text, or a mixture. We specialise in producing large format, high-resolution images of exotic marbles and onyxes, that simulate the natural products when encapsulated in toughened glass. When a Stratum Image Glass feature wall is back-lit with LED light-sheet, the effect is stunning.

Optimised imagery

The imagery is all important – very high resolution images are not available from traditional online image libraries. We have created our own, and provide access to a super-resolution image library that you won't find anywhere else. The quality means you can have a wall of glass that looks just like backlit onyx – even when you're right next to it. 

This technology not only solves many logistical issues associated with large projects such as hotels, but by digitally printing images of marble or onyx onto glass, we can guarantee visual consistency across the whole project. 

Numerous benefits

  • Cost – significantly less expensive than natural marble or onyx.
  • Control – we can retouch and colour-correct the image to the desired effect.
  • Bookmatching – by flipping the image we can recreate the effects of book-matched stone.
  • Size – many natural finishes cannot be used at any great size due to delicacy – no issue here.
  • Eco-credentials – no depletion of natural resources.
  • Use – suitable for internal or external applications.
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